May 11 Chapter Meeting - Employee Engagement at John Deere -- Meetings are FREE for first-time guests of members

  • 11 May 2011
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • St. Ambrose College for Professional Studies on 53 Street in Davenport


  • Board members who have their National ASTD dues paid by the chapter must pay $10 for monthly meetings.
  • Board members who pay their own National ASTD membership enjoy monthly meetings at no charge
  • Chapter meetings are FREE for first time guests.
  • Members pay $10 per monthly meeting
  • If guests are not members after their first (free) meeting, they are charged $10 thereafter. Limit is _____ meetings in 12 months.

We all want engaged employees, but how do we make it happen? Join us for Sam Splear's presentation, Employee Engagement at John Deere.

Sam will:

-explain the value and importance of employee engagement to Deere's long term success

-describe the "real" ingredients for successful employee engagement from both a historical and current perspective

-examine key tools being used to support all levels of employees for success


Sam Splear, Manager of Regional Performance Consulting, will officially retire from John Deere on June 30 after 38+ years of service. He spent the majority of those years in the area of training and development.


Act now!  RSVP’s will be necessary by May 10 so we can arrange lunch.   


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