December 14 Chapter Meeting - Strategic Thinking presented by Dan Block, TeamBuilding Blocks

  • 14 Dec 2011
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • St. Ambrose College for Professional Studies, 1950 E. 54 Street, Davenport, IA


  • Board members who have their National ASTD dues paid by the chapter must pay $10 for monthly meetings.
  • Board members who pay their own National ASTD membership enjoy monthly meetings at no charge
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  • Chapter meetings are FREE for first time guests.
  • Members pay $10 per monthly meeting
  • If guests are not members after their first (free) meeting, they are charged $15 thereafter.
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Thank you for your interest in our programs. Registration is now closed. We will take our Winter Break in January and will post information about our February 8, 2012 program soon.  We wish you a happy, healthy holiday season!

Strategic Thinking presented by Dan Block, TeamBuilding Blocks


Learn specific ways to train your employees to be more strategic thinkers. The focus of this workshop will be on practical application.


If your organization has a formal process in place for training strategic thinking you will learn ways to enhance that process while also discovering how organizations like Best Buy and NASA are getting all of their employees to think strategically regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the situation they find themselves in.



Act now!  RSVP’s will be necessary by Monday, December 12 at 3 p.m. so lunch may be arranged.   


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